Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Ting Tings cd sleeve design

We were set with a live brief to design a cd sleeve for the release of the new ting tings album. I dont neccessary like the music that this band produce, but i have heard it and thought it may be a fun project to work on as it's music and graphical design for musical projects have no limits on colour or illustration. The brief was bare, suggesting that the design had to be new, fresh and interesting. The brief did state that the sleeve should be inspired from 70's punk-80's hip hop culture so i primarily starting researching these times and cultures. I was then influenced from the fashion trends of the late 70's.  I produced collage mood boards of different textures, colours and matertials thats i wanted to use. I scanned in real materials to get the most detail out of the materials that i possibly could to help for an intersting image. I used tear drops to make the piece dynamic cutting out the shaped from my scanned in materials and positioning them. The typography i created was to look irregular and almost handwritten to add to the whole punky feel.

To improve this i feel more time should of been spent on deciding how many tear drops to have and the layout of these. also by letting the text overlap the drops may have produced a better laid out piece. The type may also should of been a bitt chunkier.

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