Thursday, 17 May 2012

Seen this nice piece of editorial design on the behance network. I thought the use of patter overlying the images worked well to the composition and is something i may draw as inspiration to develop upon

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

This is a development towards my final piece for my magazine cover for the 'Little White Lies brief' I noticed that my character did look right on the page. His jacket i did in digital media, and I knew it would be hard to gain texture but I wanted to have mixed media feel. However the jacket looked flat, plain and boring so i added some brushes to it to make it look more 3D, rugged and worn. In the background i also scanned in some drawings i did of L.A streets which i feel give a bit more depth and interest to my piece. I have also added a filter to the actual facial portrait which gives it a smoother texture in contrast to the jacket.

Monday, 14 May 2012

these are 2 double page spreads i designed. I think they look quite professional and minimal much like the work of editorial designers Fabian Baron and Alexey Brodovitch who i researched and drew inspiration from. The top spread contains an image that i edited in photoshop, which i played around with the color curves and changed to a black and white image to suit the atmosphere of the spread. I was also inspired by swedish design for the 1st spread using a a large sans serif style 'R' with contrasting text layered over the top. The bottom spread consists of a watercolor i completed which has also been edited in photoshop to help it merge in with the rest of the layout. I applied a filter which enhanced the darker tones of the image.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Editorial layout designs by Alexey Brodovitch. I love his elegant simplistic style which always makes for a beautiful composition

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

This is a tonal pencil study i completed of Ryan Gosling the main character in drive i think it will work well in a final piece due to his body language which describes his personality well in the film.

Friday, 4 May 2012

This is my developed magazine design cover. I used some watercolour brushes in the background using blue and pink as i felt they represent the period and style which is the 70's and i also think they symbolise L.A well which is the location of the film. I scanned in my pencil study portrait and adjusted the colour curves and gradient map to give it a smoother texture which would look better on the shelf. I think the jacket could have been better i used a montage technique to build up the jacket but looking back now i realise it doesn't work. I am quite pleased with the look of the typography as i think it fits the composition well.

Monday, 30 April 2012

The colour scheme from this magazine cover inspired me to use a similar colour scheme

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I carried out much research of illustration styles and techniques to evoke emotion. I came across this illustrator Florian Nicolle wh'os work i really appreciate.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

This is an idea for my Little White lies cover project. I use a stencil and acrylics for his jacket while the facial features and hands were done using tonal pencils.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jimmy Turrel's work was a massive influence towards portraiture for me. His pieces really evoke a unique feeling through his brilliant use of layering, color schemes and mixed media studies. His style is quite sketchy and rough, much like the work of Carlos Quiterio who i researched also, a-lot of his pieces feel incomplete or a part of it has been done in a different and less exposing media which i think works well to make a certain part stand out.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

This is an initial idea to make the portrait up with bits of mechanical parts. i wanted this to represent the characters intelligence and professionalism which he has in the film.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

While i am on the train or bus etc. i often write small lists of what tasks i am to complete for that day. I find it helps keep me on track so i can complete tasks and develop on with my project. These are a few examples

Friday, 30 March 2012

Ideas for a logo design for the Newcastle Medical Photography Department for the N.H.S

Saturday, 24 March 2012

These are some portraits by an illustration graphic artist called Carlos Quiterio. Quiterio's rough mixed media style attracted me to his work and i felt the style would suit my brief, to design a illustration based magazine cover for the little white lies. The way he combines his hand rendered pieces with digital elements gives off a sketchy effect that i think would work well for the type of movie drive is. As its a rough fil set in the 70's and rarely leaves the L.A city location and the film carries a real stylish feel of emotion throughout the film.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Little White Lies Brief

These are my favourite past little white lies covers. I particullary like the cover which feature an article for Meserine which depicts an old french Gangster. The use of tonal pencil really brings out the hair well using a large variety of hard and soft pencils to achieve this. Although the background is plain i think this lets the viewer delve more into the portrait and try and see what emotions or feeling they are getting from it.


I like this clever play with words. It's communicating that their employees actually have fun at work, assuming this results in a higher quality product

Next few weeks plan

Friday, 9 March 2012

We were assigned a live brief with the NHS to design a logo to represent the photography department of the hospital known as Newcastle Medical Photography. The job of these people is to photograph patients which are kept as visual records. These records are kept internally to help with diagnosis and patient information and are also used in other hospitals. The client stated that the logo must; capture the purpose of the department, have impact i.e be clear on what is trying to say, be graphical, fresh and edgey. The logo will be applied on disks, consent forms, contact cards and other electronic media. I created my logo by combinging graphics of a camera and a lifeline which is displayed on patients monitors while under care of the NHS.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fred Woodward


This is what my collage looks like without text layered over the top and before i fiddled with the transparency setting. I used images of flamingos, flamingo feather textures, the back of a woman's head and a glass of whisky to compose it. I thought the collage helped to bring through the fun, happy, friendly nature of the ministry of sound club. I used brushes, the transparency tool and blend options to help blend imaged together along with the burn and dodge tools to enhance some parts.

Developed collage concept

I was much happier with this design. I feel the layout of text is better flowing resulting in an easier read. I also thought by making 'the ministry of sound' text smaller and combining it with the logo in the bottom corner helped the overall balance of the document.

Initial Collage concept

This is my collage themed poster. I wasn't completely happy with the result as i thought the background collage montage was to overpowering with the text and this may make it unreadable, especially as these posters are possibly to be read from moving vehicles.

Primal Scream album artwork

This is collage work by Julian House, it is what inspired me when developing my collage style poster

Developed Saturday Sessions poster design

I worked more on the layout of text and had a bit more think about actually how it would be read by a viewer and what info should block with other info. I think this design is again much easier to read.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions concept

This is another concept using different background textures and a different colour scheme

Ministry of Sound Saturday Sessions

Initial poster design to promote the saturday sessions starting at the ministry of sound club in southwalk, London. I was quite happy with the overall effect and atmosphere this design gives off due to the colours and the vibrant flamingos however i felt the text needed a-lot more work, as attention was distracted from it to the imagery.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012 are an online only business which help bridge the gap between employer ans sub-contractors. Here are a few of my initial concepts to develop upon.

Poster design, Ting Tings

Above is my poster design to promote the upcoming release of the new Ting Tings album entitled "Kunst".

The Ting Tings cd sleeve design

We were set with a live brief to design a cd sleeve for the release of the new ting tings album. I dont neccessary like the music that this band produce, but i have heard it and thought it may be a fun project to work on as it's music and graphical design for musical projects have no limits on colour or illustration. The brief was bare, suggesting that the design had to be new, fresh and interesting. The brief did state that the sleeve should be inspired from 70's punk-80's hip hop culture so i primarily starting researching these times and cultures. I was then influenced from the fashion trends of the late 70's.  I produced collage mood boards of different textures, colours and matertials thats i wanted to use. I scanned in real materials to get the most detail out of the materials that i possibly could to help for an intersting image. I used tear drops to make the piece dynamic cutting out the shaped from my scanned in materials and positioning them. The typography i created was to look irregular and almost handwritten to add to the whole punky feel.

To improve this i feel more time should of been spent on deciding how many tear drops to have and the layout of these. also by letting the text overlap the drops may have produced a better laid out piece. The type may also should of been a bitt chunkier.

Bistro branding & corporate image

This is my work for the staff bistro located on college campus at Rye house. My work was to promote awareness of the bistro to all college staff. We had to create a name and logo and design a letterhead, compliment slip and business card. I came up with the name lift, as the bistro is placed upstairs and the bistro should give customers a physical "lift" due to the natural and organic healthy produce sold here. Reflecting on my work i think my designs were pretty standard. The letterhead is a-bit boring perhaps some colour or imagery would of made this better. My opinion is that the business cards and comp slip were stronger designs, there is a good balance of black and white with an upwards curving line to represent "lift". My main typography i created is big, curvy and bold to help stand out but also give out the right tone of voice. Influenced by floral patterns of the victorian times i brought in a floral design to help give a warm friendly feel.